Daymark Original in Sunrise

Daymark Wins Gold!


At the 3rd London Spirits Competition Daymark 1683 Original won a Gold medal, which is the ultimate seal of approval in the global spirits industry. In order to receive this distinction, Daymark 1683 Original needed to score highly in three different categories: Quality, Value and Packaging.

Additionally Daymark 1683 Sailors won a Silver medal, which for the recently launched new product is fantastic. 

In contrast to other spirits competitions, where distilling ability and technical expertise sometimes receive primary consideration at the expense of drinkability, the goal of the London Spirits Competition was to award and celebrate the spirits that spirit drinkers actually want to buy, whether at a retail store or ordering off the menu at a restaurant.

Daymark Original with Lime and Mint

According to CEO Sid Patel of event organizer Beverage Trade Network, “When looking at spirits brands consumers are looking for value and experience. So at the London Spirits Competition, we feel that it is important to look at the elements of the product that contribute to that – of course there is quality, but also critically appearance and overall value.”

The judging panel consisted of spirits industry experts with commercial buying responsibility. This ensured that all spirits selected as winners in the competitionwere exactly the types of spirits that are favored by both the spirits trade and the end consumer. Spiritswere judged on the basis of three primary criteria – quality, value and packaging – and then scored on a 100-point scale. Spirits that scored 90+ points were awarded Gold medals, while spirits that scored 76 to 89 points were awarded Silver medals, whilst Bronze medals were awarded to spirits that score between 65 & 75.

Daymark Sailors with Citrus Fruits

“The authority that an award from the London Spirits Competition brings, comes from the power of being judged across quality, value and appearance, the high quality of the judges and the intensely competitive product set. We are extremely delighted that our rums performed so well.” said Oli Strong from Daymark.  “These medals demonstrate that we are making the types of spirits that bar managers and mixologists want to use and spirits drinkers enjoy drinking.”


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